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                Our History

                In 1971, QinMing Group - Micro Sensor's mother company, was founded, which represented the beginning of the pressure sensor's research and development.

                In 1993 QinMing Group and Eastone Control U.S. jointly established Micro Sensor.

                In 1996, Micro Sensor is the first to design and produce piezo-resistive pressure sensors in China.

                Micro Sensor was acknowledged as the qualified supplier for the world's largest hydropower station - three gorges hydropower station in 2000.

                In 2007, the first international business team was established, which started the expansion of the global market. Micro Sensor set up R&D Center, focusing on the prospective research in 2013.

                The first flowmeter calibration line was completed in 2015 and Micro Sensor began to provide flowmeter services.

                In 2018, Micro Sensor GmbH was founded and the first overseas marketing center was established in Germany.

                In 2019, Micro Sensor IoT Sensing Technology Co., Ltd. was founded and Micro Sensor Shanghai Subsidiary was set up.

                Group Companies


                1. R&D Center: ?Technology accumulated almost 50 years, basic research

                2. Sales: ?Quick response, customer empathy, connect to world, constant support

                3. Transmitter Facility: Global on-site technical support, digital compensation, non-linearity correction technics

                4.Sensor Facility: ?Fully automatic chip mounting system, diaphragm welding system, laser trimming

                5. Flowmeter Facility: ?0.05% flow calibration system, 37m high pressure-steady water tower, 0.005% electronic weighing system

                6. Supply Chain: ?Reasonable cost, flexible PMC, timely delivery, global sourcing
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